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Certificate of Authenticity

All print graphics artworks presented on JART market are original works and are printed in limited edition. For each work purchased in our gallery, we issue a certificate with information about the author, characteristics of the work and a seal that confirms the purchase of the work in our gallery and guarantees its authenticity.

Please remember!Works of print edition graphics are not copies of an existing original. Oftentimes, a work is initially conceived specifically for a particular printing method. Thus, in the absence of the original work, each copy of the circulation becomes the original. The circulation does not diminish the value of the work, but it is necessary to remember the main factors that provide this value:

1.Author's signature on the work guarantees that it was executed according to his idea, in his presence and is completely authorized by him.

2.Putting the number of printed copies on the work regulate the number of works produced. For example, "3/15" means that a total of 15 copies were released, and this is the third one. In older works, you can find the reverse numbering: "15/3".

3.An author has the right to issue an author's series, but it is also regulated and, as a rule, has a smaller number of copies than the main edition. In this case, you can find the sign AP (author's print) or AE (author's edition) followed by numbering.

4.Sometimes you can find the stamp of the workshop where the work was printed, and the stamp of the publisher, who issued this work. Such signs also guarantee authenticity of the work.

5.However, not all authors strictly adhere to the rules in production of edition graphics. In this case, you can trust the experts and their certificates., created by JART gallery, which has existed since 2008, acts as such an expert for each work presented on the platform. guarantees authenticity of each work by attaching an original certificate of authenticity to the purchase.

The types of certificates of authenticity depend on the kind of work you have purchased.