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The future pilots

The future pilots or (the second title given by artist) Dreams come true...

The artwork synthesises two masterpieces: "Whaam! " by Roy Lichtenstein
(was created in 1963, just as the Vietnam War was gathering steam, and taking into account Lichtenstein's own service in the US Army in 1943–6, this deconstruction of military heroism could be read as a statement on the folly of war) and "Future pilots" (one of the most famous works as Alexander Deineka and overall direction, referred to as socialist realism. It perfectly matched the inherent realism of the expectation of a bright future, and the perceived light of the present, and lyricism, great warmth, intimacy. The picture is completely devoid of officialdom, which killed socialist realism as a direction. Her charm allowed "Future pilots" almost immediately become popular with the public).

Rostislav Lebedev – a classic of contemporary art, who acquired fame as one of the leaders of Sots-Art. Lebedev is an author whose works have become epoch-making, such as "Made in the USSR" and "Tarot Cards". The majority of his works, created in the XXth century, are in the collections of the largest museums – from the State Tretyakov Gallery to the Zimmerli Museun in the USA.
Description of the artwork «Future pilots»

Rostislav Lebedev was born in Moscow in 1946. In 1969 he graduated from the graphic arts faculty of the Moscow State Institute of Printing Arts. He has been a member of the Moscow Union of Artists from 1994. His works have been shown in the largest exhibition projects worldwide. Solo exhibitions have been held in Moscow and New York. His works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, The Pushkin Museum, the largest collections of the USA and Germany, and also in private collections in Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, France, England, Sweden, Australia and others.
Technique Silkscreen printing
Direction Pop art
Circulation 30
Year 2008
Size 50 х 60 cm
892 $


11 $
Porcelain and ceramics
641 $
Porcelain and ceramics
641 $
Porcelain and ceramics
641 $
Porcelain and ceramics
641 $
The Empress
643 $
New flight
643 $
The reaction on red
Silkscreen printing 70 х 50 cm
251 $
Dragon fruit
Lithography 13 х 14 cm
190 $
Living in the snow. Toboggan
Etchings 26,5 х 19,5 cm
501 $
The Window
50 х 70 cm
491 $
50 х 70 cm
752 $
Silkscreen printing 50 х 70 cm
396 $