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The Window

Silkscreen "Window" is a unique example of the highest printing skills. The work includes 12 colours, each of which was manually applied on the grid by the author. The picture was created in August 2019, when there were the last hot days. "Window" is a nostalgic artwork full of love and fond memories. It is about a country house, family, calm wind and bright sun.

From the beginning of her activity, Korina showed interest in large-scale installations, with the help of which she speaks about social phenomena, with a subtle irony using the surrounding sculptural and architectural forms. The author's strategy is to draw the viewer into their own reality, similar to the abstract scenery of an imaginary theater, where the artistic material plays a leading role.

Irina is in 2017-2019 the 49ART Russian Investment Art Rating.

The artist represented Russia at Venice Biennale in 2007, 2019.

Circulation 35
Year 2019
Size 50 х 70 cm
490 $


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550 $
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86 х 61 cm
850 $
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Silkscreen printing 50х70 cm
1 980 $
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400 $
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890 $