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Four women / swastika

Шелкография "Четыре девушки / свастика" 1990

The artwork is the part of the Moscow Studio by Boris Belsky collection. The Moscow Studio is the first silk-screen printing workshop in Russia, created in 1991 by Boris Belsky.

The Moscow studio today is already a legend - the most famous Russian and international artists printed there, including Komar and Melamid, Dmitry Plavinsky, Oleg Kulik, Leonid Sokov, Victor Pivovarov, and others. In addition to them, Belsky was approached by young aspiring artists from many countries of the world. Belsky left the best works for his own collection.

This collection has unique value in terms of the limited edition art - these are the first prints created in Russia, made with calligraphic accuracy of printing and high craftsmanship. Each artwork has remained in a single copy.

Boris Belsky himself worked in the printing graphic workshops of the Franz Mazerel School in Belgium, the Print Studio in Glasgow (Scotland), the graphic department of the University of Radgers in New Jersey (USA), and the Corcoran School in Washington (USA). He is a member of the Union of Artists, UNESCO International Union of Artists, an expert at the State Center for Photography of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Maria Konstantinova - selected group exhibitions:
Group exhibitions of the artist:
2007 - "Signs of Reality", Udmurt Republican Museum of Fine Arts, Izhevsk, Russia
2004 - Esotericum. Tarot Cards ", Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia
2003 - Senezh Studio, State Museum of Fine Arts. A. S. Pushkina, Moscow, Russia 2002
2001 - "The Mysterious Relative", Mineralogical Museum named after A. E. Fersman, Moscow, Russia
2000 - "ClAve's Lovers", Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
1997 - "Ecology of the Void", Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia
"Inspiration. "Junge Kunst in Europa", Messegelende, Hannover, Germany
"La Maison Rouge", Paris, France
Perspectives of Conceptualism, The University of Hawaii Art Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii Clocktower Gallery, New York, USA North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, USA
Zeichnungen der Moskauer Szene, Galerie Hohenthal & amp Littler, Munich, Germany
"Feminine Art", State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
"Collage in Russia. XX century ", State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
Adventures of the Black Square, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
Sots-Art, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Circulation 24
Year 1990
Size 58 х 56 cm
220 $


11 $
Porcelain and ceramics
641 $
Porcelain and ceramics
641 $
Porcelain and ceramics
641 $
Porcelain and ceramics
641 $
The Empress
643 $
New flight
643 $
The reaction on red
Silkscreen printing 70 х 50 cm
251 $
Dragon fruit
Lithography 13 х 14 cm
190 $
Living in the snow. Toboggan
Etchings 26,5 х 19,5 cm
501 $
The Window
50 х 70 cm
491 $
50 х 70 cm
752 $
Silkscreen printing 50 х 70 cm
396 $
The future pilots
Silkscreen printing 50 х 60 cm
892 $