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Living in the snow. Scheme of a tepee (aquatint)

Igor Makarevich and Elena Elagina are the classics of Russian art. They represent Moscow romantic conceptualism, combining solid theoretical basis and lyrism and subtle poeticism.

An incidental discovery - a brochure published in Moscow in 1941 started a1994 series "Living in the snow". It was a guide for the Red army soldiers on how to adjust to hard circumstances if necessary.

Living in the snow is a complicated metaphor, presenting ideas of the overwhelming cold of totalitarian regime and the death of the great utopia of avant garde. However this work is about an optimistic approach to life - adjusting to conditions. «Those are afraid of winter <…> who do not know how to adjust to living in the snow».

Year 1994
Size 40 х 28 cm
950 $


Lithography 58 х 43 cm
550 $
Her Wormth
86 х 61 cm
850 $
Buratino's head
Silkscreen printing 50х70 cm
1 980 $
The Window
50 х 70 cm
490 $
Ammonoidea small
Silver bromine printing 20.5 х 20 cm
400 $
The future pilots
Silkscreen printing 50 х 60 cm
890 $

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