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The categories of artists in collecting - Emerging artists

Many art collections, regardless of their size and genre trends, are divided into three categories of artists: emerging, mid-career and established. Over the coming days we will talk in detail about all three categories, none of which are connected with age. Let's start with the emerging artists who are making the first tentative steps in their careers, but to whom Art critics and the Mass Media have already paid attention. More often than not, emerging artists recently graduated from a higher or special Art education institute or made Art a priority in their lives. This implies that an emerging artist has already created a number of works that constitute their basic style. As a rule, collecting their artworks is cheaper than collecting those of the other two categories. Moreover, from the point of view of investment, it is namely this category that makes the most sudden price leaps in the market. (In Russia, edition works of emerging artists are valued from $200, and one-offs from $1,000). 

As an example, you can look at the works of the artist Nathaniel Mary Quinn, who several years ago was ranked among the emerging artists. 2014 saw his first solo exhibition in New York, and over the next three years the prices of his work increased (just imagine!) by 660%! Presently, his watercolour, gouache and charcoal works fetch 100 – 200 thousand euros at auctions. In the market there are many artists whose works see a similar increase in value. JART collaborates with all categories of artists, which is not typical for most galleries. On the websites of American galleries, it is often indicated "We only exhibit mid-career and established artists". The works of emerging artists can be found on – along with prices, a detailed description and free online consultation. Welcome!

Author:Polina Tolokova


11 $
Porcelain and ceramics
641 $
Porcelain and ceramics
641 $
Porcelain and ceramics
641 $
Porcelain and ceramics
641 $
The Empress
643 $
New flight
643 $
The reaction on red
Silkscreen printing 70 х 50 cm
251 $
Dragon fruit
Lithography 13 х 14 cm
190 $
Living in the snow. Toboggan
Etchings 26,5 х 19,5 cm
501 $
The Window
50 х 70 cm
491 $
50 х 70 cm
752 $
Silkscreen printing 50 х 70 cm
396 $
The future pilots
Silkscreen printing 50 х 60 cm
892 $