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Guide to printmaking: relief printing

In the technique of relief printing, the imprint is also made from a relief form, but in this case the paint is applied not into the recesses, but the elevations of the form.


Printing form: linoleum

Method: The image drawn on the linoleum is cut out and covered with paint. The ink-coated printing plate is then laid out on a sheet of paper and sent to the printing press or "rolled" by hand. Moreover, a separate form is used for each color. When the print is ready, it is removed from the printing plate and placed or hung to dry from several hours to a week.


  • Uniqueness of each print
  • Monotype elements
  • High definition, sharpness, tone and color saturation
  • Consistent image quality throughout the run
  • Prints created in the technique of intaglio and relief printing are called etchings.

Linocuts technique is used by a young artist Evgenia Dudnikova. Her prints reflect the artist's favorite motives - horses, fantastic worlds, the theme of utopia and the spiritual path.

Other types of relief printing: woodcut, etching on cardboard.

Author:Алена Монахова


Lithography 58 х 43 cm
550 $
Her Wormth
86 х 61 cm
850 $
Buratino's head
Silkscreen printing 50х70 cm
1 980 $
The Window
50 х 70 cm
490 $
Ammonoidea small
Silver bromine printing 20.5 х 20 cm
400 $
The future pilots
Silkscreen printing 50 х 60 cm
890 $
Silkscreen printing 70 х 150 cm
500 $