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A collector of blue-chips

“What I most wanted was just to love what surrounds me”, – Madonna gave such a simple and comprehensive answer to the question of how she chooses the things around her, including the paintings for her own collection. Madonna is a famous collector of "blue chips", we have talked about them in a previous post. Madonna’s collection contains several works by Frida Kahlo, female portraits by Picasso, Diego Rivera and Fernand Leger, Man Ray’s sensual photographs of nudes and a multitude of paintings by Tamara Lempicka. The list has not been exhausted, but it’s already impressive, isn’t it? 

Madonna’s answer, with which this section begins, at first glance seems too superficial. However, the important word here is "to love". She acquires those artworks with which she falls in love – and for her this is the main criterion. 

This article presents photographs of Madonna’s New York apartment. We removed the artworks from them and, in our opinion, it became very cold and not homely. What do you think? How strongly does the presence of Art influence how we feel about our home environment?

Author:Polina Tolokova


Lithography 58 х 43 cm
550 $
Her Wormth
86 х 61 cm
850 $
Buratino's head
Silkscreen printing 50х70 cm
1 980 $
The Window
50 х 70 cm
490 $
Ammonoidea small
Silver bromine printing 20.5 х 20 cm
400 $
The future pilots
Silkscreen printing 50 х 60 cm
890 $
Silkscreen printing 70 х 150 cm
500 $